Keeping your pet, and Santa, safe this Christmas Eve


Keeping your dog, and Santa, safe this Christmas Eve

By Elsie Lodde
Founder of Recycled Pets NorCal



Santa asks that you help a brother out this Christmas Eve and help him to help you  have a very Merry Christmas (and keep those kids in line all year). Many parents and pet owners find, tragically, that their dogs got sick or Santa was not able to deliver presents because of a protective dog, so we have some Christmas Eve tips for all dog owners.




Make sure Santa’s milk and cookies are out of the reach of your pets.

While Santa loves cookies and room temperature milk (the big guy told me that store bought cookies are his favorites, so don’t feel guilty about not being able to make him a fresh batch), and these are what keeps him going on Christmas Eve, but if your dog eats those cookies or drinks that milk, he too might be going… all over the rug on Christmas.  So make sure to put the milk and cookies where Fido cannot get to it.




Do not leave your dogs outside

Ok, I would say this is bad all year long, but for those of you with dog doors, make sure to shut them as well! You do not want the barking dogs to wake up the kids (so  Father Christmas does not leave little Macy that BMX bike she wants).  Also, we do not want to startle poor Rudolph, causing him to land on the wrong roof, and instead delivering the toys to the brats next door who never let you sleep in on a Saturday and come by singing door-to-door and insisting that you pay them for their awful rendition of “Let it Snow” (does this only happen where I lived?) . And do not think that dressing your dog up like Rudolph will encourage Santa to stop there, because you know your children have not been good.  It does not work.







Crate your dog in a room other than where the Christmas tree is.

Look Santa sees you when you are sleeping and knows when your kids are awake, but St. Nick cannot be expected to also know where your furry kids are as well! And little Iliana and Jose will be so upset if Santa does not bring them presents because Fluffy won’t let him anywhere near the tree!  And while Babbo Natale wears big black boots, that doesn’t mean we should feed him to little Princess.  I have to also mention the first year I was married, when my dog lifted his leg on my mother-in-law’s present.  Luckily, she did not take it personally!







Hang your stockings from your chimney with care

With hopes that the dogs cannot get into it and eat the goodies left behind by Santa, leaving disappointed children and excited ER veterinarians in their wake. I also encourage including your furry friends in on the fun.  I am sure some bully sticks will keep them from swallowing a hatchimal or two.







Spay and Neuter your pets

Look, let’s face it, intact pets have no shame. The big guy tells us that Mrs. Claus’s biggest complaint on Dec. 26th, is getting her husband’s pants clean.  Bet you didn’t know that the #1 teenage heart throb for male and female dogs alike (they don’t get caught up in sexuality) is Clifford the Big Red Dog.  Well, Santa is the closest thing they get to that, so often, he has a dog attached to his leg and attempting to shake it off does not help… well it helps, to end it quicker.  So out of love and respect for all Santa does, spay and neuter your pets!




Lastly, if you are looking for a new family member, know that while I think pets are family members (like children) and are not presents, this is a great time to open up your home to one of the millions of dogs in our country needing fosters or forever homes.  Make sure to check out our available dogs (we have a TON of puppies coming soon) or check with your local rescue or shelter.  This old guy Macho would love a home of his own, you can find out more by clicking our adoption process link above!


If you want to donate to help dogs, like Macho, get the vetting and care they need while looking for a home, you can also click on our donate tab as well to learn about the ways you can help!



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