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Tobias has fantastic bed head! He is ready and waiting for his own humans. ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Tobias came to us from Placer County Paws. This little guy is so unique looking (his Mohawk will be dyed this weekend unless someone adopts him before he has a stripe), and he is a good bo...

This sweet mama is ready for a home. She loves to snuggle, is super duper sweet and loving! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Luzianne is a small little girl. We know tan Chihuahuas are about the least popular (next to black pit bull) to be adopted, but we hope someone out there realizes how sweet this girl is. ...

#bifthespinabifidachihuahua came to visit today. I almost didn't recognize him. He has been 20 ounces forever, a week and a half with his new moms and a growth spurt. He is now 30 ounces! They have done a great job with him and he is lucky to have them. He has his own page and his moms post regularly so follow Bif the Spina Bifida Chihuahua on Facebook for updates! #specialneeds #adoptdontshop ... See MoreSee Less

Out there cute little girls who were dumped in a box at a Vets office are getting big. When I picked them up last week I thought there is no way they were Dane mixes- a week later and I think maybe the note was true. They are being well socialized (like all puppies should). Still about 5 weeks until these cuties are available. #fosteringisfun #adoptdontshop #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

We have gotten many application for the two fluffy puppies in the litter and NONE for the flat coated puppies. Which I find a bit ironic because the two smooth coated puppies are way more social and outgoing than their nervous littermates but because they are not fluffy, no one is intersted in them! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento - Whitney is the smallest of 5 puppies in her litter. She was born at the City of Manteca Animal Shelter, where her pregnant mom was confiscated from a hoarding situation. A shelter is a s...

If you are a renter and have a Bully breed dog, housing can be very difficult. This is why many bully breed rescues will not adopt unless you are a home owner. Lady, who was adopted by us 5 years ago, is currently homeless why her family looks for a new rental for them all. But there is a resource that helps people with bullies find rental homes, so share this to help others!

... See MoreSee Less

Just want to show you this cute English Bulldog puppy, who is flying from Minnesota in just 2 weeks to be my newest foster. This cutie was born with Spina Bifida and the breeder reached out for help. Luckily, she had seen my post about willingness to take these special needs babies on the Mickey the Bulldog and the Padded Bum Crew page! With Bif the spina bifida chihuahua being adopted, we have space for another special needs baby. She will be a diapered princess as well, and will be available for adoption soon as well. ... See MoreSee Less

Name suggestions needed! If I were in the market for a dog, this would be the one I would choose. She makes my heart so happy. She is shy but working on her confidence and she is so very sweet. She isn't very confident inside, we are working on that but is great in her crate and has never had a potty accident. She is sensitive but on a leash she is more outgoing. She can jump a 6 foot fence like it is nothing, so no dog doors for her! She is about 4 years old and about 50 pounds. If I had to guess breed I would say German shepherd and border collie but she is not a high energy dog. She loves belly rubs and is good with the dogs, chickens and sometimes seems interested in the cat but more curious than anything. I adore her so much! ... See MoreSee Less

Dear Dog (with the big D), I hope you send me a home soon. There must be some purpose to this dog's life. I have not been blessed with the best owners and my foster mom is pretty awesome, but don't I deserve a forever home of our own? So if you could please send this old guy a human (or more) to love me forever, I would be grateful. I remain faithful that someone will want an old dog like me. I am not crazy, I am easy going and just want a soft bed and a squeaker toy- is that too much to ask for? In your name. Amen. -Macho says his prayers hoping someone will love him. #adoptdontshop #recycledpetsnorcal #rescuedog - find out more about this senior chihuahua on our website! ... See MoreSee Less

The W puppies are heading to #spayandneuter today. These puppies are shy, so I hope they get adopted soon to begin proper socialization (without their litter mates holding them back). The short haired ones are super social but the long haired ones are very shy and need homes where friends and family will come meet them and show them how awesome the world is. I am not entirely sure these two are actually dogs. They are so fluffy! And soft in a way you expect rabbits to be, but not dogs. I am pretty sure we saw a coyote dog at the shelter last weekend, so is there such thing as angora rabbits and dogs breeding? If so, this is what they would look like. #adoptdontshop #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow, these 5 cuties head to Animal Spay and Neuter - Sacramento and then they will be ready for adoption! Get your application in now for these cuties, there are 2 short hair and two curly cuties. ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Winston is the cutest (and most photogenic) puppy in the litter - well as far as I am concerned. He loves kids, and is just an absolutely little fawn doll! He was born at City of Manteca ...

Bif the spina bifida chihuahua was adopted! Bif came to us when The Mia Foundation was contacted about a paralyzed puppy in CA. I drove down to find this cutie, who lived with his owner in the back of a van. He was dehydrated and emaciated as the owner just expected him to get to the food and water like the other puppies. I was not sure he would live a week, but he has thrived and although his weight has not changed much, his personality (and ears) have grown tremendously. His new moms, Sharon and Kathy, are so in love. Sharon happened to see him at our last adoption event, and knew they would love him forever. Bif is so amazing, but he takes a lot of work, so we knew it would not be easy to find the perfect home. Big has 3 dog siblings and has adjusted well to his new home and his moms are doing everything to give him the best life ever.

I also want to give a shout out to Jesse. Jesse is my housekeeper, personal assistant and dog nanny. She spends more time at my house then I do (joys of 2 jobs), but I oftentimes get the credit for fostering these special needs puppies, but without Jesse taking care of him when I am at work, I could not do it. Or if I did, Bif absolutely would not have thrived the way he did. So big props to her.

If you want to continue to see Bif spam, you can, just instead of being on our Instagram page, you can like Bif's new page, and you can see his new moms take more pictures of him than I did!
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Dana O'Brien Realtor and RPNC Board Member, and Heidi Barnes, Lender and RPNC Family Member have teamed up together to help us out! If you are looking to purchase, sell or refinance a home AND you mention Recycled Pets NorCal they will donate up to $3000 to the rescue! Contact them for more details.

Dana O’Brien 916-801-2644 CA BRE# 01954334
HomeSmart ICARE Realty CA BRE# 01937943
Heidi Barnes 925-348-2432 NMLS# 245920 CA BRE# 01107432
Reliant Lending NMLS# 356310 CA BRE# 01759672
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Sheba HATES the camera, but boy is this girl AMAZING. If you are looking for a medium sized dog, she might be perfect for you! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Sheba started her life on the streets. She was a loved and cared for animal, but her owners were homeless. Sometime during this, she was hit by a car and her hip was dislocated but she le...

Holly, the last of the dogs we got when a backyard breeder went into hospice right after the holidays was adopted. Holly is the best little girl, but we found out how sensitive she was. She hurt her eye, and that took a lot of work for her poor fosters (vet sewed it closed to heal and she tore that) and then when she got spayed she ended up with a nasty burn/rash so it took us a long time to get her all healed up to find her a home. She was super lucky to be fostered by Anny from NorCal Adventure K9 Training , although, she did not need it as she is amazing. She was one that almost had me keeping her as well! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Meet Rolo, a gorgeous red Doberman Pinscher from Shafter Critters. We think he is about 4 years old, he has a cropped tail and ears (although looks like the ears were never posted) and is basically a small horse. He is strong and clearly has had no training at all. Luckily, he is now with Anny at NorCal Adventure K9 Training, so he getting the basic skills and evaluation that is needed. He will be neutered on the 5th (and depending on training) he will be available after that.

He seems overly interested in cats, but was play bowing to dogs, although we have not introduced them, so we believe he is dog friendly. He will need an owner who is excited about training and is not going to let him be a jerk. He is big and needs a confident and able handler to continue to give him rules and boundaries. He is not a lazy couch pet, he is a big and active dog.

Keep following our page (or follow Anny for updates on Rolo on her Instagram page at: www.instagram.com/norcaladventurek9training/ ) for updates on Rolo. When we have a more appropriate understanding of him and his needs, we will post him on our website and begin taking applications.
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Sacramento- Walter was born at City of Manteca Animal Shelter after his pregnant mom was confiscated from a hoarding situation. He has grown up in a house with other dogs (big and small) and kids as well. He can be very playful and really likes to be snuggled and held. He was the most "chill" out of the litter.

He will be available on 4/22 and will be neutered, microchipped, and he has already started his puppy vaccines and deworming as well.

If you are interested in him, or his siblings, you can find out more about our adoption process and apply online at: recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process/ Adoption fee:$200
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Fostering is often about going slow. This cutie came to us from Delano Shelter on Friday. I do not think she has ever been inside a house and is very unsure about it. She jumped my fence to get to me shortly after getting here. She is very insecure but so sweet. Her crate is in that other room and she spent all day in that room yesterday, too unsure to spend time in the living room. So today, the fact she is laying just inside the living room, means she is getting a little more comfortable. She is going to make a family such an amazing dog, she just needs a little more confidence. #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

Romeo is so fresh and so clean and is ready to woo all the ladies. He is 4 months old, and still looking for his forever home. He is a little shy then warms up and will cuddle you on the couch. Despite the name, he is not one for kisses. His mom was a #minaturepinscher but who know what dad was. He is ready for his forever home. Find out more about this cutie on our website. ... See MoreSee Less

I need to have lunch before I get #hangry. #bifthespinabifidachihuahua helped me to explain what that means. If you don't know what it means, Bif will gladly show you. #spinabifida #hydrocephalus #spayandneuter #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

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