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Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at smile.amazon.com/ch/45-5179631 and Amazon donates to Recycled Pets Norcal. #YouShopAmazonDonates ... See MoreSee Less

To the nice woman who donated a huge box of toys her dog didn’t destroy (mostly @barkbox toys too), thank you so much! With energetic puppies who think your sweater or pants are toys- it is so great to have quality toys to placate the shark toothed beasts. Now to get some falconing gloves! #fosteringisfun #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter ... See MoreSee Less

No adoption event this weekend, but if you want to meet this goofball- fill out an application! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Tobias came to us from Placer County Paws. This little guy is so unique looking (his Mohawk will be dyed this weekend unless someone adopts him before he has a stripe), and he is a good bo...

Our newest mama dog (thinking her name is Trudy not Prudence as coined by Yolo County Animal Services Shelter), loves to play fetch, is good with other dogs, loves people. Waited for the small dogs to eat before eating. Basically she is about perfect. Now to get her to a healthy weight, wean the puppies, work on potty training and deal with her skin and ear issues and in a month she will be ready to find her home just in time for Christmas! #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #rescuedog ... See MoreSee Less

If you guys are thinking about holiday pictures then make sure to mark your calendar for NorCal Bully Breed Rescue's pics with Santa! It will be at Pet Food Express Roseville in the Fountains at Roseville. Get your pictures and support another awesome rescue. ... See MoreSee Less

🎁 Save the Date!! 🎁 Support our rescue and get some amazing photos of your fur kids!!!

Ladybird got all spiffed up and is sparkly clean for a new family of her own. Thanks to A Purrfect Groomer Mobile for donating their time and services to pamper our foster pups. Now, don't you want to have these ears in your life forever? ... See MoreSee Less

Yesterday this momma and her 3 babies were sprung from Yolo County Animal Services Shelter . She was a bit shut down, but she is young and so sweet. She slept with me on the couch last night and this morning she was ready to play! She is emaciated, has a lot of hair loss and a looks like a gnarly ear infection. They are on quarantine, so they have to stay away from the other puppies in the house. But they are 3 energetic puppies as well. I need to get a super long leash to take the Mom in the front yard to properly quarantine. We have been asked to take several bullies this week by individuals but our priority is always to the dogs in shelters. And since we have had all of our bullies or longer than 9 months- without adoptions it is very hard to make room for more! #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

Shadow got pampered by A Purrfect Groomer Mobile on Sunday for foster grooming day. I think he's shocked at how much he liked it. Now's the perfect time to adopt this cutie before that #optimalfreshness wears off. ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Filbertato is 12 weeks old and is almost ready for a home of his own. He is a tri-colored American Bully, but he must be heavy on the English or French bulldog, as this short legged boy has some crazy ears, lots of snorts and the attitude as well (perhaps that has worn off from his foster brother the frenchie). But this cutie was born with a double cleft lip and he is the only one in the litter to survive. He eats and drinks normally, although he does oftentimes prefer to drink from a water bottle like a rabbit and other than needing to have a tooth pulled when he is neutered (the day after Thanksgiving), he is just a normal puppy with an extra cute face.

I am looking for homes that understand brachiocephalic breeds, as he will not be heat tolerant and should never be trusted around a body of water (my husband calls him Lt. Dan as his legs are so short he says he has no legs). We are still working on potty training as he urinates frequently. He is getting better about being crated alone (being hand fed means he is used to a lot of attention). His other gross habit is he oftentimes begins to nurse on you when he is sleepy. So you better not mind a slobbery shirt every now and again (although this was a daily occurrence but has been much less frequent lately). He has lived with LOTS of dogs, so he loves people and dogs alike (and occasionally to chase a stupid chicken around the back yard).

He will be neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. To apply to adopt this cute batpig, visit our website, recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process

Adoption Fee $250
... See MoreSee Less

Come on out to Pet Food Express Roseville and meet our available dogs looking for a home. If you want to bring items for our Santa Paws Pawliday toy and treat drive, you know the dogs (and their caretakers) will be so very grateful! You can find us at the Fountains at Roseville so stop on by and say hello! ... See MoreSee Less

Adoption event- meet and greet

December 2, 2017, 12:00pm - December 16, 2017, 4:00pm

Come on out to Pet Food Express Roseville and meet our available dogs looking for a home. If you want to bring items for our Santa Paws Pawliday toy and treat drive, you know the dogs (and their caret...

Santa Paws is coming soon, if you want to help him make the pawlidays amazing for dogs in foster care, check out our amazon wishlist at: a.co/hSVT93y ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Deuce Littlealow - the 2 legged Chihuahua is about ready to find a home of his own. When he came to us 3 weeks ago, he was scrawny, underweight, and we were not sure how great he would do. He has doubled his weight, gotten so strong and is a super playful and happy puppy. He is 12 weeks old and over 2 pounds now, and looking for a special home. We are hopeful that (and working on trying to teach him to) he will learn to walk on his two back legs. For now, he hops and scoots himself around. Since he is still growing, he does not yet have a wheel chair, but that would be helpful as well. He has lived in a home with all sorts of dogs, he has little fear and wants to play a lot. He loves humans big and small as well - in all he has been well socialized. So while he loves snuggling and loves being with people, he will bite your nose in a heartbeat! Currently, he has a puppy pen when he is not hanging out with humans, and has done well with using the puppy pad for potty time. But since he pees on himself, he gets a fair amount of wipe downs and baths. He eats and drinks like normal and other than these missing legs, he is an average puppy. Playing, eating, drinking, sleeping, peeing, and pooping.

We are looking for a foster to adopt (as he only has one testicle and he is too young and too small for the invasive surgery to dig around for the other tiny thing) until he is ready for a neuter. He has started his puppy vaccines and has been wormed as well.

To apply to adopt this fun-loving boy, visit our website, recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process
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Poppy and some of our other dogs got pampered by A Purrfect Groomer Mobile yesterday. After a spa day, she is ready for a home of her own! ... See MoreSee Less

Chester was adopted, and I think he completes this beautiful couple's home. Love it when people just click at adoption events and this boy (who came from Visalia Animal Services) is going to have a charmed life with his retired parents (and grandma too). Congrats sweet boy. ... See MoreSee Less

November 13th, 2015, Rosie came to us from Bradshaw Animal Shelter. She was a shell of a dog, she was emaciated, healing up from a C-section, carrying for the 3 puppies that survived (many more were dead inside of her) and people were not to be trusted. She learned to trust her foster mom, but the first time she went out of town and strangers had to care for her, this was a big problem, she wouldn't trust us enough to get near her puppies. One more puppy died, and so she raised her 2 puppies. She went through the motions and fed them but wanted nothing to do with them. Her puppies were adopted and then it was just her, still untrusting and miserable. She began trusting a few more people, surprisingly one of her favorites is a kid. A little kid who doesn't really like dogs, they love one another. Over time, she opened up more and more. She learned to love playing with the foster puppies that came and went, all with Aunt Rosie to help play with them and socialize them. She went from a neurotic mess at adoption event, to cool and calm. She has turned into a pretty amazing girl (who is a little afraid and protective in her home) who loves walks and treats. She was in her cocoon when she came to us, and this butterfly emerged somewhere along the way. But, in 2 years, she has not found a home. She is the longest resident of RPNC and I cannot tell you why. She is good with most dogs, loves kids, and in so many ways is absolutely easy as can be. Her few blemishes are easily managed, but she still waits. Who is she waiting for? Is it you?

Rosie has become a loving, more confident, playful, snuggly girl and she may be about 4+ years old, but she does love occasional puppy-like play time, followed by lots more snuggling. If you are looking for your best friend and most loyal companion, Rosie is 100% your girl. If you have a medium or smaller dog or a more relaxed/chill/submissive dog (or at least a dog that respects an older dog's need to chillax from time to time!) even better! Rosie loves to have a playmate!

Better yet, she is 100% potty trained and crate trained, knows basic commands, is very food motivated (read: easy to train), and no puppy chewing destruction antics here! (Phew!) She corrects well, loves walks, loves chasing the hose (well, the water from the hose!), loves being little spoon while snuggling, and will love you with her whole heart forever and ever.

Rosie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. To apply to adopt this amazing girl, visit our website, recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process

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This pictures bring new meaning to name Deuce in Deuce Littlealow - the 2 legged Chihuahua if you want more of this #twoleggeddog make sure to follow him on Facebook! #twoleggedchihuahua #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop ... See MoreSee Less

Wouldn't it be great to find Jack a home before his 2 year anniversary with us? ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento *adoption fee waived* Jack came to us all the way back in December of 2015 from Antioch Animal Services. Unfortunately, shelters do not always give a full picture of a dog or their behavio...

After having Shadow for months his foster mom finally learned that this handsome boy knows roll over. Shadow is still waiting for his forever family to adopt him. ... See MoreSee Less

Ladybird is waiting patiently for her forever home. She was raised with kids and love them, but needs to be an only pet. ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Ladybird has to have the best staffy ears! She originally came to us as a puppy and was adopted by a family with 4 children. Unfortunately, when the family split up, she found herself wit...

Reason 1,532 that dogs are amazing, when you are cold they will keep your warm. Chip the #stumpytailcattledog turned into a cowl dog. But the adoption extravaganza is over, and Chip now has a homecheck. Wish us luck! #adoptdontshop #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

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