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Sacramento- Meet Rolo, a gorgeous red Doberman Pinscher from Shafter Critters. We think he is about 3 years old, he has a cropped tail and ears (although looks like the ears were never posted) and is basically a small horse. He is strong and clearly has had no training at all. Luckily, he is now with Anny at NorCal Adventure K9 Training, so he getting the basic skills and evaluation that is needed.

He's put on an amazing amount of weight since he's arrived, and will need a home who knows the velcro/whinny/goofy/sensitive/strong breed that he is. His foster has been able to put a small amount of training on him but he's going to need a family that can continue.

Keep following our page (or follow Anny for updates on Rolo on her Instagram page at: www.instagram.com/norcaladventurek9training/ ) for updates on Rolo.

You can find our adoption process and apply online at:


Adoption fee: $200
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Type your dogs name in the "gif" section and show us what comes up! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Sweet Stella is a silky terrier who originally was adopted from us before she could even make our website. Unfortunately a divorce has left her displaced and she is looking for a new home of her own. She has been living with a dog and 4 small children. I know it is confusing for her, but we know she will thrive again and she is really just needing love and affection. She is pretty young still, at about 4 years old, so she has a lot of love left to give! When she came to us 2.5 years ago, she was a nervous nelly, but with the love of her family she really came out of her shell. She is still leery of new situations but you say "bye-bye" and she will bark demanding you take her as well. Her mortal enemy is a vacuum, so if you have an obsessive need to do that every day, perhaps another dog would be ideal! She is crate trained as well.

She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines. If you are interested in providing this sweety a forever home, you can find out about our adoption process and apply online at: recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process

Adoption fee: $200
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Sacramento- Rose Marie (known as Daisy) was adopted from us as a puppy. She came to us from what we believe was a whippet mom, when her mom ingested marijuana and so Animal control was called and removed the family from the home. We called them our "pot roasts" and she has been adopted and taken into a loving home where she has been well cared for, trained and socialized, however, there is something she does not like and cannot stand... zombies.

Zombies rarely understand or appreciate personal space, they stumble around as though they are drunk (and they might be off of milk) and they make all sorts of smells and noises. Rose Marie does not want to be near zombies, but unfortunately, there is one in the family, and another on the way. This is not a happy space for Rose Marie, and could be a bad situation for zombies as well so we are looking for a new zombie-free family for her. Rose Marie has had extensive obedience training, and even spent 2 weeks at a board and train. She lives with dogs and likes stable and balanced dogs, she was tested with a cat, and older kids and teens are fine... just not zombies. So if you are like Rose Marie and dislike toddlers (aka zombies), then she might be the most amazing and perfect dog for you. She is loyal and loving and loves to swim and go on adventures.

She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines. If you are interested in providing this beautiful girl a zombie free forever home, you can find out about our adoption process and apply online at: recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process
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This sweet girl does not show well at adoption events, but is a total love in her foster home. Who wouldn't love to come home to a face like that? ... See MoreSee Less

ADOPTION FEE WAIVED: Sacramento- Scout is a cute little cow and chihuahua mix. She came to us in 2016 and has been patiently waiting for a home of her own. She came with her babies who have been lon...

More safety summer tips from Doggie Drawings by Lili Chin to keep your pet cool and safe in this heat. ... See MoreSee Less

4 day old #cleftpalate #frenchbulldog puppy. We have a little regurgitation when he eats that we are trying to manage. May mean hourly feedings (god save me) but will try some beneficial bacteria. We tried changing from goat milk based to crappy plain formula and that did not sit well at all! #specialneeds puppies are always a puzzle. #rescuedog #fosteringsaveslives #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Meet Milo! Milo is a 1 1/2 year old lab mix. Milo gets along with everyone including kids, cats, and dogs. Milo is a happy go lucky boy who will run up to you and be your best friend immediately. Milo constantly checks in with his foster Mom and comes when called. Milo knows sit, shake, and down. He is affectionate. Milo's tongue is often found out of his mouth and slobbering on your arm or leg. Milo is super smart and receptive to learning. Saying "eh eh" or "no" results in a stopped action from Milo who will look to you for redirection. Milo will happily go in his crate for a treat and remains quiet until he needs to go potty. Milo loves being near his people. He loves lying on the floor next to his human(s). Milo is highly motivated by treats. Milo is a big boy at 56.5lbs. Milo lives with a dog savvy cat, several dogs (smaller and similar size to him), and kids including a 2 year old and does great. Milo greets everyone with a happy go lucky attitude and is eager to please. Milo is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines. We are accepting applications for him now. You can find out adoption process and apply online at: recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process/ Adoption fee: $200 ... See MoreSee Less

What do you do to keep an #englishbulldog cool when your house is event hot and a puppy wants to play? Bath time! Now she doesn't smell and she is much cooler as she dries off (and torments Gideon). Hope you guys are finding ways to help your dogs cope with the heat. Margarita the #spinabifida #puppy is looking for a home of her own. One hopefully with better AC than I have! Find out more on our website! #specialneeds #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

Chuck is a fun and silly boy! He loves playing with a hose and his foster family. Not sure how this silly haired cutie is still available! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Chuck is a cute boy who came to us from Placer County Paws. He is only about a year old, so he is a young and playful guy. We are torn about the breed, he is longer and shorter but has a ...

I missed posting this yesterday (blame the baby for taking my sleep). A huge shout out to all the awesome dog dads out there! ... See MoreSee Less

Last month, we rapped for dog moms. This month we slow jam: dog dads, this one's for you. #DogPeopleGetIt #FathersDay To download the song: ruv.me/dogdadz4lyfe

Sacramento- Gideon is approximately 2 years old and 45 pounds. We believe he is a border collie and perhaps Australian shepherd mix. He is super submissive and is good with animals and people of all kind. Because he is very sensitive, he needs a home that will work with good positive reinforcement, he is super easy to correct, he is very smart and eager to please. He knows sit, down, stay and is crate trained as well. He is the type of dog that needs to be worked or else he gets anxious energy. Whether that mean exercise, training, agility or at least commands like place. He is a super sweet boy, he deserves a family that will appreciate his sensitive and loving nature.

He will be neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines. He is available on 6/24 and we are accepting applications. You can find our adoption process and apply online at: recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoption-process/

Adoption fee $200
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This heat wave is awful, and not just for us. Please, as your animals' guardian, make sure to do everything you can to protect your animals. Also remember artificial turf is just as hot (or hotter) than asphalt. If one of your neighbors has a dog without water or shade- call animal control and if you fear your dog has heat stroke, take them to the vet immediately! ... See MoreSee Less

Sacramento- Whilhelmina came to us from Manteca shelter where a lot of dogs were taken from a hoarding situation. There were so many dogs in deplorable conditions and she ended up in the shelter pregnant. We rescued her and her babies when they were cute little things, but the W Litter puppies were adopted and it took her a little longer to be comfortable enough to go to adoption events. She is more concerned with men, but she will bark at strangers for a minute or two but warms up and loves her family. After being born and living her whole life in heinous conditions, she really deserves a patient and loving home.

If you want to be her family, you can find our adoption process and apply online at:

She will be spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccines.

Adoption fee $100
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Feeding newborn cleft puppy ... See MoreSee Less

Guess what this means? #sleepisoverrated ... See MoreSee Less

Today this lab mix made a jail break (from Placer county shelter). He is your basic young lab (so he needs boundaries, exercise and structure). The shelter is not the best place for any of those things and so we pulled him and will look for the perfect family to give him those things. Still thinking of a name for him! #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #recycledpetsnorcal ... See MoreSee Less

Luzianne was adopted (again)! Her first home thought she was too needy, but she found humans excited to spend time with her. She immediately found a place on the back of the couch and is happy as can be! Congrats sweet girl! ... See MoreSee Less

Adoption event- pug party. We are here until 2pm ... See MoreSee Less

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