Q. Is _________ available?
A. Yes, we remove dogs almost immediately after adoption so if they are online, they are available.

Q. Can children/teens volunteer?
A. Yes! We encourage responsible and independent people of all ages to volunteer. Oftentimes children will arrange their own fundraisers and come up with great ways to help.

Q. Where are your dogs located?
A. Our dogs are fostered in homes all over the Sacramento area, which is why appointments have to be made to meet them. Oftentimes with litters we will do a meet-n-greet where several applicants can come out and meet the dogs.

Q. Do you adopt out to people in apartments?
A. Yes, each dog has their own requirements. While some dogs/puppies will do great in an apartment environment, some require more space.

Q. Will you adopt to families with small children?
A. Absolutely, however, not all dogs are suited to families with small children. Especially mouthy puppies or tiny dogs will not be adopted to families with small children as they pose a danger to either the dogs or children.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: It depends, sometimes as little as a day and other times it may take a week or more, depending on all the schedules involved, but again we have full-time jobs so we ask you to be patient.

Want to help our pets?

Every donation, regardless of the amount, goes directly to help, heal and house our animals and allows RPNC to continue to help animals in need. Your gift today gives an animal a better tomorrow.

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