Why Foster:

There is an immense satisfaction that goes into knowing that you helped save a life. Many of the animals we get are scared of humans, they have been abused and neglected, and to watch the dog flourish with love, care and boundaries is an amazing thing. Some people think it would be hard to give them up, but we remind you, that if you keep the dogs you can’t save more (that helps me).  Sometimes it is frustrating when you have that one hyper dog, or the super shy dog, but when they find their perfect homes, there is a huge sense of joy that you made that happen. Dogs are rarely perfect, they might suffer from separation anxiety and it isn’t always easy to house train or crate train, but in the end you will see how wonderful it is to get updates on the dog that you shared your life with.

What fosters can expect from us:

We will provide you, in as much as possible, with everything needed for the animals. We will provide the vetting for the dog as well as basic items such as food and treats. When possible, we will also provide crates, toys, blankets, beds and other items needed. Just let us know what you need and it will be taken care of.

We will work to get the animals placed as quickly as possible. Attending adoption events is not mandatory but would be helpful.  We will pick up animals (unless you agree to help transport) for home checks, vet appointments or other times that may be necessary.

We will provide you with as much support and appreciation we can, because without fosters, we know we are unable to rescue dogs.

What we expect from fosters:

The most important thing is that we expect you to provide the animal with a healthy and loving home environment. We expect that you would treat the dog as good as you would treat your own and to remember we are training indoor dogs and so they should be kept indoors with humans, in as much as possible, to prepare them for their new family.

We need you to communicate any questions or concerns for behavior, health or anything else with us. We can help with training and if an animal is sick we want to take care of it immediately. We hope you will send pictures regularly as more pictures keeps the animals fresh in people’s minds and helps them become emotionally connected to them as well.

We expect that you will commit to those dogs you agree to take until they are adopted.  If you say you will take 3 puppies, and so they are rescued from the shelter with that understanding, there is not a potential back up. So we do expect you to keep them until they are adopted or at least we are able to find another foster.  Just understand no part of dog ownership or rescue can be taken halfheartedly.

We want you to address any concerns with us, we appreciate you and without fosters we could not rescue animals so you are some of the most important people in rescue.

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Wish Help Our Pets?

Every donation, regardless of the amount, goes directly to help, heal and house our animals and allows Save-A-Pet to continue as a true no-kill organization. Your gift today gives an animal a better tomorrow. Adopt a pet Donate

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