Justin Montgomery of 1 Love Dog rescue – still unapologetically breaking laws (including theft of property as well as illegal adoption practices).

Back in 2016, I wrote a blog explaining the communication I had had with Justin Montgomery from 1 Love dog “rescue,” but considering his continued attacks, and ridiculous attempt to get a restraining order to stop the mean people from hurting his feelings on the internet, I thought it was time to update my blog, with more information about him, his illegal behavior, and his lies.

Did he really steal a trailer?

Funnily enough, in court he actually had the audacity to ask for proof that he was a thief. Apparently, he did not think a Placer County Judge could pull up cases in Placer county. I provided the information below, which he refused to look at just yelling that the CHP picture (which clearly showed him and his truck) did not have his name. Well, what do you know, they looked up the case and found he did jail time for this misdemeanor in Dec of 2018, just like I stated he did.

So according to Maria (Justin’s partner), Justin needed a trailer and decided to “borrow” one that wasn’t his. But according to his page, he seems to have access to a trailer when needed. I am also surprised someone whose own trailer was stolen back in 2015, that he would take one that was not his. He seemed very upset in a Facebook post in 2015 about the theft of his trailer.

Of course, his continue taking of stray dogs and adopting them out the next day, he also does not think is theft and thinks is reasonable behavior (although, his stories are getting better and even though he clearly posts “ADOPTED,” in court he said “she would keep and care for the dogs and try to find the owner).”

Did Justin really file restraining orders against Recycled Pets NorCal and NorCal Bully Breed?

Hilariously, he sure did. He lied to say that he was being stalked and threatened in order to get the fees waived for filing of it. Unfortunately, there is no fine for lying to court and they seemed ok with this. However, my lawyer will be submitting a bill to the court (and he had been warned if he lost he would have to pay it prior to the court date). I guess since he filed the last restraining order against me (when my first blog came out), he learned a bit about restraining orders and how they work. So he lied to a judge to get the temporary restraining order. Unfortunately, due to a conflict of interest, our court case had to be seen by a Commissioner (basically a substitute judge) who did not have the time to listen to the rambling and just set a trial date which was held on 2/22/21. I can fully say, I have never called this man, I have never been to any of his houses or his girlfriend’s place of business, never mailed a piece of mail to anyone who knows him, and I still don’t run the 1 Love Dog Rescue Scam page, although do comment often on the content. He says I called his daughter a “meth baby” but as the child of an addict, I would not say that because it is not her fault who her parents are. But since he literally had over 70 pages of “evidence” the first time around (mostly copies of my last blog and other random posts about the long line at the post office, and about some Greek salad I ate amongst others) and over 40 pages this time and still not one shred of evidence that I contacted him at all (which he couldn’t have- since I have not). He had messages from people I do not know saying mean things to him (the original court date he went back and forth from these being fake profiles of my own and they being people who attack him because my blog about him). I don’t wish this man harm, I wouldn’t have people say awful things to him, frankly, I wish he would just go away and stop being involved in animals what so ever. But since my salads are scary and worthy of the judge’s view, let’s just go ahead and go over some of his communication with myself and others.

“I am armed and very dangerous” this is the man who states he has been threatened by women and needs protection. This was posted to his personal page when I originally posted my blog back in 2016. Was it a direct threat to me? Some would say so.

Would you feel safe when this man turns his anger on you?

Not surprised that his reviews say he is a “lose cannon [sic]”, but surprised he thinks it is funny. Obviously, I think there are some diagnosable mental health conditions here, not sure if it is cute to mock or minimalize his own mental health issues.

“Adopters” who leave negative reviews are often threatened until they remove their bad reviews.

Justin has threatened so many people. Sometimes over something as small as leaving a negative yelp review. This woman removed her review out of fear of losing her dog and that Justin would come to her house. If you google that phone number, you will see that these messages definitely came from him.

Justin has treatened so many people. Sometimes over something as small as leaving a negative yelp review. This woman removed her review out of fear of losing her dog and that Justin would come to her house. If you google that phone number, you will see that these messages definitely came from him.

Justin Montgomery may count on people backing down and removing their negative reviews, although, not all are scared when they go unhinged on them. He says “you are now part of the list of people I pray every day go to hell” I personally cannot imagine the type of person who prays anyone goes to hell, all together to do it daily for a LIST of people. And if that is not good enough, he continues “Every day I will pray that you and your family suffer and go to hell. I will pray that you have the worst life existence. Every single day. “ I have seen him say “you have been added to the list” but I assumed it was going to be the people he was going to sue (he threatened a “class action lawsuit” twice during our most recent court date) but perhaps it is actually to this apparent list.

On his Facebook page, oftentimes people will say how compassionate Justin is, I ask does a compassionate person will for a someone and their family to suffer? Recently, Justin also posted many comments on the San Joaquin Sherriff’s department‘s social media page as well with a plethora of negative and thoughtless comments. They have since been deleted since he was called out for them, but luckily, they live forever in screenshots. His mocking of posts where the LEOs were giving to less unfortunate and on a post to grandparents being murdered by saying, “They are already dead why don’t you investigate attempted murders and make that a priority instead of people that have already been murdered.”

The Sherriff’s department even seem to question his integrity when it comes to the dog “rescue”.

For someone who says I am stalking him, he has posted quite often about me. Of course, he keeps adding new players of people who do not like him, which probably says more about him than anyone else. Every time he has posted about me, not one of his followers have contacted us (well once a few years ago, but by the time we finished talking they unfollowed him). Mostly, I have received a lot of messages from people who have had bad experiences with him, and who have supported me. I appreciate all of you. As much as Justin may want to think I stalk his pages, honestly I do not pay any attention to him. He said in court that besides me (and a list of other people who we are in a group although we are all in different rescue groups) that he “doesn’t have problems with anyone else in the state.” Obviously, the amount of family friends, ex-adopters, other rescuers and general public who reach out to me would say differently. People often send me screenshots and are appalled by what he does and when he does something unforgivable (like is given a stray dog and adopts it out a day later) do I bother to waste my energy. However, with consistent attack recently, stating I am using fake profiles to sully his name (I have exactly 3 facebook pages and all are in my name from different time periods). Instead of accepting the fact that there are more people who find his practices unacceptable and they are happy to find a reason to post about it. He believes that Anna from NorCal Bully Breed Rescue and I run the 1 Love Rescue Scam Facebook page, but neither of us know who it is. He has said we do, Doug Cummings, and then a couple (who Justin savagely attacked and has an outstanding judgement against him for over 200k that is supposed to go to him) as well. They will blame us one day, and 2 days later it is someone else. They will also pretend it is not THIS Justin Montgomery, because there is another Justin Montgomery (who is much more attractive but a similar age) who also has a criminal record, but the owners from the SCAM page said in a message to me that they contacted the plaintiff’s attorney, provided a picture and it was verified that THIS IS THE JUSTIN WHO BRUTALLY ASSAULTED HIM.

Then 2 days later…

Also a fun note about this judgement, Justin has gone back and forth between it is not him, that they are trying to take money from the dogs and then in court he blurted out that Mr. Matheson was in his underwear and jumped the fence before the altercation occurred. So confusing, how can you say it is not you one moment and then tell random details the next? I wasn’t there, and have never spoken with them to speculate either way.

The story is always changing- perfect example, the bear attack!

As mentioned in my last blog, Justin is known for keeping dogs in storage bins, for long periods of time. This is one of the reasons he was kicked out from doing adoption events at a particular store, we see those totes in so many videos and pictures, so I have some trouble thinking that he left these ones in cages, but ok- let’s stick with the story. Knowing that there are bears on his property, he leaves puppies (in the fall when it was actually was colder than usual) in his vehicle because it was “too late” to care for them. He went from the bear ate the dog food and attacked puppies, to the bear attacked puppies (but there was no food) to finally, the bear just damaged his vehicle and no mention of the puppies. He uses the delete and block button when people ask questions, but definitely learned to edit his posts when people are concerned about his behavior.

RIP Mr. Wienie

Whether it is asking for money for his personal dog, who was sick and didn’t get to the vet until he was literally dead and demanding the vet to save him, or his dog getting run over, or mauled by a dog- Justin’s personal dogs rarely meet long lives with dignified ends. So recently Mr. Wienie died, mauled by a mom dog German Shepherd (who magically disappeared from the website and videos without any further info). Mr. Wienie has seen some things, and definitely deserved better. While I know accidents happen, they seem to happen to some people more than others.

Like I said, he saw some stuff!

Some things never change!

In the last blog, I showed at length that Justin’s irresponsible, illegal and immoral practices in regards specifically to rescue. I showed time after time of him admitting to not altering dogs, but this is old news now. You can see them admitting openly to this, even though legally they must spay and neuter BEFORE adopting (we spay and neuter most puppies at 9 weeks as required by law). I should also point out that according to this law, for those of you who get dogs from him with promise of this deposit, should know this law also states after 30 days he does not have to give it back. Although, he does not worry about the laws he is breaking in handling it this way (without letter from a vet for each of why they are not healthy enough to alter before adoption), I would not be surprised if he used the law for his benefit. Of course, we have seen many listings that no longer even mention spay and neuter being offered or about the deposits.

We have also seen many people state that he knowingly sold dogs for high amounts, without ever disclosing their serious medical conditions. Can you imagine buying a dog without being told it needed heart surgery?

And if you thought by now he would know how to properly quarantine puppies and keep safe from Parvo, unfortunately there is still plenty of dogs still being sold. Even if puppies are vomiting, he makes excuses and sells these dogs (real rescues holds puppies in quarantine for at least 2 weeks prior to adopting them out to avoid such a thing).

Unfortunately, Justin’s business is booming. People think that it is morally better to “rescue” a dog instead of buying one, are still supporting backyard breeders and the middle man. If the “rescue” you get your dog from charges huge amounts and does not spay and neuter, they are a flipper. If they do not quarantine puppies, they are a flipper. If they do not alter the parents, they are flippers, if they pull puppies but leave the moms in shelters, they are flippers. Unfortunately, there are several flippers in our area. Justin is just the most sucessful of them. So you need to decide, is this the type of man you want to support? Is this the type of “rescue” we should allow? Placer County has allowed it entirely too long (but there are awful rescues in Yolo and El Dorado counties as well, so this isn’t a singular incident).

Feel free to email if you have any experiences that should be shared!

Since Justin can’t decide whether all the negativity he received is from me using fake accounts, or from this magical mind control I apparently have (and not just because he shows his true self regularly), I want to make it clear that no one should be threatening his family – of course he has lied so much (provably) that I don’t know whether to believe 75% of what he says, but telling someone to kill themselves is not ok. I am happy if people spread the word about his shady practices, I will be happy if he stops being a puppy flipper, but that is it. He said that when his mom stopped doing “rescue” that they didn’t throw a parade for her (which his reasoning for The Dog Spot closing and the reason most of us in the rescue community knows it closed are again vastly different and more innocent), so he really thinks he should be revered for his flipping. I on the other hand, actually work a full time job, rescue special needs dogs who live inside my house like my own dogs, have a circle of fosters and volunteers that I respect and appreciate, have friends that support me. I don’t threaten people, chastise the police, make a fake narrative to make me a victim, lie, lie, lie, and then cry that my feelings are hurt. We obviously do things differently, but he says I (and by I we are talking about the 8 or so rescues I know who are all trying to get him shut down) have some notion of rescue “that is in some un-written rule book,” but really all we have ever asked – spay and neuter before sending dogs home, do not adopt out underage dogs, do not find dogs and sell them, don’t steal trailers, don’t assault people, don’t threaten people – these are actually all written rules (called laws). I do not think that is too much to ask of any human, but definitely should be a requirement when you choose to give your money to someone (for their own betterment).

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