Make giving fun

by Elsie Lodde
Founder Recycled Pets NorCal

While municipal shelters are funded by taxes, and many have veterinarians on staff, rescues have to come up with everything they need on their own. This can be a daunting task and so we encourage people to give all year long. Of course cash donations are great (as well as gift cards for things like gasoline, pet stores, and even grocery chains as our needs are so various when dealing with sick animals), but there are other ways to get involved all year long to also help.

Get creative and make something!
Whether that be something really simple like homemade dog treats, no sew beds, fleece toys, bandanas or more complicated items like fancy dog beds and dog beds from sweaters, all these things can be used for our fosters or to sell. Have fun making it and feel great knowing it helps animals in need.

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Hold a bake sale or rummage and donate the earnings
Who doesn’t love a bake sale? Bake sales are fun for people of all ages and can be quite profitable. Recently Troop 2595 in West Sacramento held a bake sale and raised over $200 for Recycled Pets! And Junior Girl Scout troop 1990 also in West Sacramento held a rummage sale and earned $240! We love our Girl Scouts, like troop 3906 in Folsom who also donated a portion of their Cookie Sales to help animals in need as well!
girl scouts
Make or Collect Costumes and clothes
One of the ways we get dogs adopted is by putting our dogs in cute clothes and costumes and taking pictures. People are more likely to share these adorable pictures with friends helping them to find forever homes. So whether you make tutus, pretty collars, skirts or any other cute thing, they can be useful in helping animals in need.

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Hold a Supply Drive
A couple of ideas are to have a “Puppy Shower” and invite people to come and bring items needed for puppies such as puppy pads, toys, paper towels, puppy food, blankets, pens, and anything else you can think a dog would need (contact us and depending on schedule we may be able to bring puppies for it!)

Selfless Birthday Party
We have seen so many children devoting their birthdays to help others. This is truly amazing and teaches children about giving. Most parents, recognizing their children have enough “stuff” also see the benefits of suggesting such a party.  In lieu of presents, children (or adults) collect items such as food, toys, treats and beds for animals in need, it is an amazing thing. If your child is interested in holding such a party to benefit Recycled Pets NorCal, let us know and depending on schedule we may be able to bring a few dogs out as well!

Give your time
Volunteers are the heart and soul of any rescue. Having people to handle dogs at events is great, of course all sorts of talents would be helpful, whether you are a great photographer, seamstress, graphic designer, have a lot of time for answering emails, we could always use the help! Find out more about volunteering on our website at:

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