Need help fixing your chihuahua?

In most of California, chihuahua and chihuahua mixes have flooded our shelters and rescue groups. In Sacramento, about half of all adoptable animals are chihuahua and chihuahua mixes.  Furthermore, there are many health and behavioral risks in not spaying and neutering an animal.

Intact males: 524767_283010518488628_948899590_n

  • are more likely to be aggressive
  • are prone to other behaviors such as humping or marking
  • are more likely to get prostate and testicular cancer
  • will escape more often,to try to breed, putting them in danger of being hit, stolen, or winding up in the shelter

Females benefit greatly from being spayed:

  • girl dogs who go into heat can get Pyometra, which is deadly if not treated (which requires spaying),
  • giving birth can be dangerous (especially for very small dogs)
  • giving birth also opens dogs up for infections that can kill them (we have taken on many litters whose moms’ died after delivering them)
  • the chance of getting mammary tumors also doubles with each heat cycle,
  • the hygiene of having a female in heat.

892889_318803631575983_715516512_oIn our effort to help with the homeless pet population, RPNC teamed up with Groupon and Corporate Construction Services, to raise money to provide grants to those in need of help to spay and neuter their chihuahuas.  Grants are provided based on need, and transportation may also be available if necessary

If you live in area codes 95823 or 95828 (or are on assistance in Yolo county) please contact:

You can email for an application or download it here:
Download the application here

We will NOT call you to arrange this for you. All volunteers work full time and volunteer rescuing animals so our time is precious. Please read this entire page before contacting us or leaving a comment below.

Low Cost options in the Sacramento area include:Puppies

Sacramento County
Sacramento SPCA, chihuahuas for $50/$60

Placer, El Dorado and Nevada Counties
Auburn Spay and Neuter, chihuahuas for $40/$50

Folsom Feline Rescue, 365-4900, Low cost program for Folsom residents. Cat $20/Dogs $40. FREE for ferals while funds last. Feral traps available.

Roseville/Placer County:
SPCA in Placer County, 782-7722, #201, or apply for vouchers at Placer SPCA offers free spay/neuter to Pit Bulls in Placer County, $10 spay/neuter for cats in Placer County, and 50/50 to qualified persons with government assistance in Placer County


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