SuperZoo 2014 Overview: what pet products you might not even know you NEED

SuperZoo 2014 Overview: what pet products you might not even know you NEEDsuperzoo


I was lucky enough to attend the SuperZoo conference, thanks to our friends at A Purrfect Groomer. It took me three days to see all the booths, I had wanted to attend some of the classes but not time for that!  In walking through this massive conference,  I saw some amazing products I had not seen before (and some I have), and I want to share the ones I found most helpful with you.

Buddy Pouch
Treat Pouch

This pouch being retailed as a treat pouch, can also hold phones, passports and more. What I like about this is you do not have to have a belt loop or pocket. It uses strong magnets so you and comfortably wear the pouch on yoga pants. It is water resistant in case you go walking your dog in the rain and has moisture wicking fabric as well on the inside so you won’t get all sweaty.

This harness is different than anything I have seen before and it seems like it could be an amazing thing for the major pullers out there. It combines a front attachment harness (like the easy walk harness), plus a training collar and has a collar back-up so your dog cannot back out of the harness. It is the most complete harness I have seen. I am looking forward to using it on my puller!




If your dog is generally on a leash but you like the confidence of having a harness, then this leash could be the right one for you! It easily converts from a least to a harness to give you the extra support you may need.

Smucci Too Dog Beds

So I have seen these before and LOVE them (I wish I had a little princess dog for one of these) but I did not realize until SuperZoo that these beds are super interchangeable, so you can change up colors and schemed for the holidays or whenever. It is super easy to do, and these beds really just scream my name!

Flushable dog poop bags
Am I the only one who hasn’t seen these before? These bags not only can you flush, but if you opt to throw them away, the will decompose in no time (unless the standard plastic bags

 Tuggo Dog Toy

So  a Tuggo reminds me of the Jolly Balls, but what makes them difference is that you can fill them with water to increase the weight.  I watched a German Shepherd and a Dogo Argentino having a lot of fun playing with this ball!



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