Surrendering Your Pet

If you are seeking assistance with finding your dog a new home, we may be able to assist you. Email pictures and all info you have to and we can see how we can help.  Because of the cost incurred when we take in dogs, and the fact that it may takes months (or longer) and depending on whether your animal is vetted, we may charge a surrender fee. This may be waived under special circumstances, please email us if you need help. The sooner the better because we cannot usually find homes immediately so if you need to find a home for a dog within 2 days, it is unlikely we will be able to help.  Cats we possibly can take, but have less availability to do so.  If you are able to continue to home your dog until the right family is found, and you are willing to take them to adoption events, then we will likely be able to help you (and find better quality adopters than you can on your own as we are so proficient at screening families and have a wider audience).

If you have orphaned animals (any species) we can likely help as we have several fosters with experience bottle feeding. In cases such as that, please call us immediately at 916-668-0364 and leave a message. We never require a surrender fee for that.  If needing to surrender puppies, we will likely be able to assist you but we also will require that we spay the mother dog as well.  With so many dogs needing homes, we really have to be picky about which dogs we take and we have limited foster homes available.

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