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Looking for a way to help homeless animals in need? We are always in need of new volunteers and would love for you to join our team! There are so many ways you can help out, we love it when people come to us with different passions and we can work together to improve our website, adoptions, events, and most importantly, the lives of dogs.

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Adoption events can be super busy, but luckily we have a lot of fun as well.  Come prepared to be jumped on, licked, and sometimes peed on (and that is just by our mascot)!

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Volunteering can mean all sorts of things. We need volunteers to help with transport, home checks, posting online, making fliers, working on the website, and sometimes it is about just plain old manual labor.  If you are willing to wash dogs or pick up dog poop (or have a child who needs to learn about stinky jobs), we would love your help!

Meet Our Team!

Become a Foster!

Our volunteers are cherished and oh so important to us! We are a community of animal lovers and we keep a very friendly, upbeat atmosphere within our group. We do not encourage negativity amongst ourselves; instead, we respect one another and support each other. We are a tight group, brought together by our common love for animals. There is no one more important than the next person, we each play an important role. There is no “boss”, only people who you can look to for full support. None of us get paid to do what we do and we all have outside lives. Therefore, there are no expectations, just gratitude. We give our volunteers whatever resources they need for whatever part they are playing. For example, our foster parents are completely taken care of as far as funding, food, toys, medication, vet visits, vaccinations, surgeries, and training. We are always available to our fosters, day and night.

Of course, there are so many other ways you can help if you are unable to foster. We need people to help with advertising and marketing, fundraising, networking and promoting our adoptable animals, working at our events, administrative work, technical work, donation help, helping our fosters with dog walking, socialization, training, cleaning, etc., communicating with applicants, making products (adopt me bandanas, banners for events, etc.), transportation, home checks, and so much more!

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form and let us know how you are interested in helping and a little about yourself! We would love to hear from you!


1. What can I do?

Answer: Besides coming to the events and handling animals, we have ongoing needs with all sorts of things. Duties such as posting to Craigslist and other sites, making posters, or even crafts are all appreciated. You do not have to come to events or foster to help, you can do it in whatever ways you can help.  We have a Facebook group for our volunteers and communicate there as well.

2. Can children/teens volunteer?

Answer: Yes! We encourage people of all ages to volunteer. We have a Junior Volunteer group that meets before our adoption events. They engage in making toys for dogs, learning about dog handling and safety and more.

3. Do you have volunteer insurance?

Answer: Yes. The health and safety of our volunteers are paramount.  For this reason, we have volunteer insurance in case of any issues.

Don’t forget, “sharing” our adoptable animals  on Facebook goes a long way!

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5 thoughts on “Volunteer

  • Stephanie

    Hi there!
    I would be interested in fostering a pet or even a litter of puppies/kittens. I have been around animals all my life and even have delivered puppies and kittens as my parents bred AKC dogs all my life. My husband and I have two sons that are 12 and 4 and we have no pets but I would love to help out animals anyway I can. Let me know if you need help.
    Thank you

  • nita dellacruz

    I would love to help maybe with fundraising, emails, phone calls anything along that line ,wish I could do more. I really respect you all for what you are doing and would love to be apart of it.

    • Grzegorz

      I LOVE the so-called Less Adoptable dogs! In fact, I have a houseful of them! One was obese when I adtpoed him at 11 mos old & was a holy terror! Another came to me badly abused with a deformed foot & missing fur from trauma, another is a puppy mill survivor and daily overcomes her fears, a puppy who survived parvo and distemper and seniors adtpoed at 9 & 15 years old we’re a quirky bunch but we’re happy and share lot’s of love and laughs!I hope more people will open their hearts to an older dog, a special needs or disabled dog .to love a dog & be loved in return goes way past the perfect dog. Fostering or adopting a less adoptable dog is so rewarding!